Together, let's
cure homesickness

Helping sick kids is on the cards this July at Coles

14 July 2020

Coles supermarkets will be selling $2 donation cards from 15 to 28 July in support of Curing Homesickness and to help raise vital funds for sick kids in hospital across Australia.

The past few months have been tough for so many Australians. Most of us have struggled being at home but for kids in hospital that’s the only place they want to be. Beni (pictured) and her family know this challenge only too well.

Beni battled with leukaemia for over five years and spent more than 300 nights in hospital. Her longest stay was 62 days straight. The things Beni misses most when she is in hospital are special moments with her brother and grandma or meals cooked by mum!

“We’re hoping everyone will get behind this latest campaign from Coles and Curing Homesickness to let sick kids and their families know we’re thinking of them and help raise much-needed funds. If your child has ever been in hospital or if you know a family member or friend who has had a child in hospital or if you simply want to help, please buy one of these special cards when you next shop at Coles,” said Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation CEO, Nicola Stokes.

The full $2 from each card will be generously donated to Curing Homesickness to support participating hospitals across Australia. Money raised through this campaign with Coles will go towards helping kids in hospital get back home sooner by investing in vital funding needs such as research, the latest equipment and the amazing health professionals who deliver care for children. Funds will also be used to cure homesickness by developing services to connect kids to home while in hospital and making kids feel a bit more at home during their hospital stay.

Please visit your local Coles supermarket to pick up a $2 donation card to support Curing Homesickness to help sick kids in hospital. In-store until Wednesday 28 July.